First Anniversary & Wedding Recap

Have you ever looked up and thought, “ did we get here already?” That’s where I’m at this morning. As I woke up and realized that it was December 10th, it just didn’t seem possible that I’ve been a wife for a full year.


I guess time does fly when you’re having fun, but it also flies when you’re busy! This year has been a mixture of stress, fun, good times, hard times, grocery lists, late nights working, traveling… the list could go on forever. To put it simply, this year has been full of life.

My most asked question this year has been something like this: “Soooo, how’s married life? Good? When can we expect your first baby?” Sometimes I respond “never” just to give ’em something good to talk about… But the truth is that I’m still trying to figure out where to store some of our wedding gifts. I haven’t thought about where I would store a baby…


If I could wrap this year into one sentence it would be this: Our marriage is better than our wedding was.  Our wedding was beautiful (more on that in a minute) but our marriage is more beautiful. In an age where some people are more concerned with a having a wedding than they are having a marriage, I’m so thankful that I have both!

So, Artem, if you’re reading this… Happy Anniversary! I love you. Please don’t eat all of our Anniversary Tier cake.


I’ve spent the morning thinking about this year and all it has been, but I’ve also been reminiscing on our wedding. If you know me, you know I’m a control freak. That being said, when I got engaged I knew I didn’t want a wedding planner. My mom and I planned and hand selected every last thing about our wedding. It took us a full year, and we were stressed a few times, but I loved experiencing that with her. So here’s a quick recap:

The first thing I did was go to my florist and make sure they were available for December 10, 2016. Thankfully they were (if they wouldn’t have been open I probably would have picked a different date…) and we moved on to the venue. We looked at two, but I knew the first one was what we wanted.  It was booked before New Years.  Next came the photographer. After talking with 25 different photographers, I found the perfect one. My wedding experience wouldn’t have been the same without Meagan Bailey– you can see some of her work down below! The next few months consisted of dieting and poring through bridal magazines looking for inspiration. My bridesmaids made two different trips and tried on every. last. dress. I asked them to. My mom and I traveled to 3 cities and 4 dress shops looking for “THE dress.” 60 dresses later, I said yes to my dress!

One more trip to one more city and lots of tollway tickets and mom had her dress. I had the most amazing people throw three different showers and felt so loved and supported. As the Big Day approached, I had my bridezilla moment over a particular flower that I HAD TO HAVE. No, that one that you had overnighted here won’t work. (Sorry, Leslie!) Food and cakes were tasted, columns were special built by one of my fellow teachers, first dance songs were selected, family was flown from Russia, and we were ready! It was fun, stressful, challenging, and at times I wish we would have eloped. BUT, had we done that, we wouldn’t have been able to celebrate with all of our friends and family. In the end, it was everything I hoped and dreamed.

I’m enjoying looking back on our Big Day, but I’m also looking forward to everything to come. We are so loved and so blessed, and I’m so thankful to have each of you to celebrate with!

Xx- Molly Margaret

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