Bows and Plaid

There are some things that just scream fall. One of my favorite fall staples is plaid. I love it in scarves, flannels, and in this case, bell sleeve tops!


I had my eyes on this top for a while and finally I pulled the trigger on it- thank goodness! This top has some of the most beautiful jewel tones. I love it with denim for the fall and think it will be so pretty with white jeans once it’s warm again! It’s currently on sale for under $30 and in stock in all sizes! You can find the link at the bottom to shop it directly.



Most people automatically think “flannel” when they see fall plaid. It’s super refreshing to find a fun plaid that is not a flannel. I love this fabric because it’s comfortable and can be dressed up or down. But, be warned! You will need a steamer and a few minutes to get it ready for wear! Time consuming? Maybe, if you consider 5-10 minutes a long time. But worth it? Definitely.


I paired these with my favorite destroyed hem jeans. These are a Marshalls find so definitely head to your local Marshalls and see if you can snag a pair. These shoes are from Target and let me tell you… they are FUN. If bright pink bow shoes are wrong then hey, I don’t want to be right! These are from Target and are a total steal! I saw them on a few fellow bloggers and LOVED them, but knew I needed to try them on. I heard that they were selling out across the country, so when I saw ONE PAIR left at my local Target I grabbed them and refused to let them out of my sight. When I got them home my husband said they looked like slippers but he’s a man so who cares, amirite? They are currently sold out online but I PROMISE I’m looking everyday watching for a restock!

Lastly, let’s talk about this shoot location! OMG I cannot wait to share all of the shots we got here. We shot at Funktoberfest which is a local craft beer and music festival. That’s honestly so cool on its own, but add to that the amazing furniture and details from Stache Vintage Rentals and WOW. How much fun is this?! I could have stayed for hours just hanging out and looking at all the fun colors, fabrics, and patterns. Don’t worry- I still have a few more for you to see in the next couple of weeks!

What are your favorite fall patterns? I’m working on a post all about my favorite fall textures for y’all that I think everyone will love!

Xx- Molly Margaret


photos by Nikki Bardwell Photography 

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