Here’s my promise…

I remember when I first had the idea to start blogging. At the time, it was a far off idea that seemed impractical. I followed bloggers who lived in big cities and had big budgets. That wasn’t me, but I still felt like it was something I could do.

Let’s backtrack a few years.

As a recent high school grad, I had a passion for writing. I entered my freshman year of college as a journalism major and quickly found that I absolutely hated journalistic writing. At that point I really had no idea what to do, so I transferred schools and changed my major to marketing- something I grew to have a serious love for. I still loved to write and create, so marketing was a great fit for me.I got engaged, graduated, and moved back home.  Unfortunately, there weren’t many marketing opportunities for me when I moved back.I got certified to teach and have been teaching English since. I like to refer to myself as a veteran…aka 2nd year teacher.

Please hear me loud and clear: I love teaching! I love my students fiercely; I love cheering them on both inside and outside of the classroom. I love being a part of the most pivotal years of their lives.  But with all that being said, I never realized how much I would not only miss being creative with writing, but also crave the activity. Writing and creating had been a part of my life for so long and not doing it, there was void in my life.

Enter blogging.

Blogging allows me to do so many things. I get to express my creativity, work on design, share my life with people, and interact with other women across North America who are doing the same things. I’ve only been in this for a little over a month, and I’ve already made friends who I never would have met otherwise. These women are kind hearted, genuine, passionate, and creative- all things I aspire to be. On top of that, I get a chance to work with one of my oldest and truest friends who helps me fine tune and edit my posts. It’s a win all the way around!

I follow a TON of bloggers. Many of them have well over 100,000 followers and make MAJOR money blogging (#goals).

So you can imagine my dismay when I saw an ugly exchange between a blogger I (used to) LOVE and one of her followers.  She posted a photo of a super cute outfit and one of her followers commented on how cute the top was and asked if she had gotten it at Old Navy.

Her response? : “Nothing on my page will EVER be from Old Navy.”

Um, ****Unfollows****-Immediately.

Listen girl, your new Gucci bag is real cute but if you can’t get down with a good shop at Old Navy or Target, you’re crazy and we can’t be friends.

So here’s my promise to you:

I will always do my best to stay real and relevant to my readers and followers. Don’t get me wrong, I love designer pieces; I invest in designer pieces; but I also love bargain shopping.


This outfit is a perfect example of my promise. My jeans, vest, and loafers each came from Marshalls(thank God for Marshalls). I know that these are seasonally trendy pieces that I may only wear a handful of times and would rather spend my money on timeless, high quality pieces. I’m not afraid to say where my pieces are from, nor am I ashamed of it! Like I said: if you can’t get down with a good bargain shop, we just won’t be friends. #sorrynotsorry


My jeans are by Karlie and some of the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever owned! Would you believe me if I told you they were only $20?! As one of my students so eloquently stated, “Those look like they’ve been run through a shredder”. Maybe they do, but I’ll just refer to them as “shredder chic” and wear them as many times as possible! I would love to link them for you, but the fact is that you’ll just have to go dig for them! Grab a girlfriend and hit the racks!

My vest is from last season but is one of my favorite Marshalls finds EVER! I’ll link some similar options for you if you’re interested.



Last, but certainly not least, these velvet mules! I searched for a pair of mules that fit my foot correctly, and these were a winner! The color is super neutral and pretty for the fall. And, for a fraction of the designer price- I’ll take ‘em! I found them on Amazon for $43 and they’re Prime eligible! I suggest sizing up a half size! You can shop them here!


Trendy absolutely does not have to equal expensive! Save your money for thing you know you can use for years! There’s nothing wrong with a designer splurge everyone once in awhile!

So, here’s to you, my followers! Thank you for being on this journey with me. I hope that I will always have something of value to offer you, no matter where you are in life.

Xx- Molly Margaret


2 thoughts on “Here’s my promise…

  1. I really despise people who only care about brands.. I could never be that materialistic, I just buy whatever i think is cute, whether it’s from a brand store or from the thrift shop 🙂


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