Ciao Milano Jacket


The only thing worse than a rainy day is a cute outfit that gets ruined by a not-so-cute rain jacket. As much as  I adore my light pink monogrammed rain jacket, it doesn’t always go with the rest of my outfit.

NikkiBardwellPhotography,LLC-75Here’s where this Ciao Milano jacket comes in. It’s the perfect all-weather, all-year jacket. It’s a cotton/nylon blend which makes it water resistant, but not stiff like a typical rain jacket. I chose to go with this charcoal grey color, but they come in literally any color ever imaginable! More on that in a minute..

The jacket has a wide elastic band at the waist which cinches it in for an adirondack type fit. It also has a hood which can be rolled up and zipped into the collar. Word of warning: the hood is pretty big. I found out the hard way trying to run through a parking lot in the rain. The hood was over my eyes and I’m positive I looked ridiculous (see pictures below for a pretty accurate recreation of that moment…) But, hey, my hair was dry when I got to the car. So it’s a win.


The sleeve can be worn at full length or rolled and snapped to a ¾ length. I almost always cuff long sleeves, so the ¾ length is perfect for me. Speaking of length, it’s really hard for me to find a jacket that fits me well and that is long enough in both the sleeves and the body.  I’m 5’9” and this jacket is a perfect length for me- I’m wearing a size medium for reference.


All the small details are what make this jacket a must have. The zippers and snaps are gold and give the jacket a fun look while still being super functional. Know that some of the colors come with silver details instead of gold– still gorgeous!

So, let’s talk colors. Like I said, there a a ton to choose from! Thankfully, Simply Chic Baton Rouge has all the best ones in stock (and at a price that beats the Ciao Milano website!) They have red, charcoal, tan, black, purple, lilac, green, and navy. I mean what else could you ask for? Shop their Facebook here and Instagram here. Or you can text questions or your order (how cool?!) to 225- 935-8180.


This jacket can be easily thrown on over almost anything, but is super casual and easy when paired with some slip on sneakers like these Mia Zoe sneakers. These are a follower favorite and one of my favorites, too! I have them in the blush color but am so tempted to get them in the grey as well.


Honestly, the first time I wore these I had to get bandaids an hour in. But once they’re broken in they are really comfortable! I get compliments on them all the time from friends, family, students, and even strangers. I’ve linked them a few different places, but I saw the grey ones at Marshalls a few days ago. So, if you have a Marshalls near by, go check them out!



I’m a firm believer in investing in good, basic, essentials. Don’t let the price tag on the jacket scare you- you’ll be able to wear it every season for years to come. Having a good all-weather jacket is an easy way to make sure your outfit is never ruined by a cloudy, windy, or rainy day! Now, who can help me decide what color to get next?!

Xx- Molly Margaret


photos by Nikki Bardwell Photography

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