Kimono and Motos

What a week! I don’t know about y’all, but I’m so glad to see the weekend! This post was supposed to be a tutorial on a fall front door wreath. But after driving an hour to get the things I needed, I found a totally picked-over Hobby Lobby and Michaels. So, that post is still under construction, but coming soon!

After driving back home it took me some time to decide what to write on today. But after the feedback I got from Monday’s post, I figured why not share another transition outfit with y’all?


My blog post on Monday was all about a simple shoe choice taking a summer favorite into fall.  Today’s post is about another simple way to totally change your outfit: a kimono.

I think everyone should own a kimono. No matter what your husband, dad, or brother has to say (and what do they know about kimonos anyways)- you can rock it!  A kimono may be out of your comfort zone, but you should still give it a chance! It’s easy to try to talk yourself out of it worried about the fit or when you’ll wear it, but I encourage you to just get one and give it a shot. Kimonos are an easy way to make a statement out of an ordinary outfit. With all of the different prints, fabrics, and length options there is definitely one out there waiting for you!

I saw this kimono up at Simply Chic Baton Rouge (see their Instagram here)this summer, gave it one look, and knew I would be taking it home. I loved the colors and the length. It’s not a duster (hem almost touching the ground), but is a little longer than the kimonos I already had. I loved the fact that I could pair it with white jeans for the summer and dark wash for the fall (yes I am one of those people who will not  wear white after Labor Day) while still keeping a simple white tank underneath.


Kimonos aren’t only good for jeans. Throw it over a simple black dress and you’re ready for a night out to dinner or drinks with friends. Pair it with your favorite work pants and now your typical office (or classroom) outfit is totally new and different. I’m telling y’all, if you don’t own a kimono, it’s time for you to! If you have one sitting in your closet, it’s time to pull it out and give it a try. You won’t regret it!

I can’t close out this post without giving some love to these shoes and motos.



These shoes are actually from last season but are still super on trend this year. What makes them so great (other than being really cute) is how versatile they are. They’re a bootie cut with the perfect heel height and an open back which makes them not only the perfect summer to fall shoe, but also perfect for day to night looks. The pair I’m wearing is still available here but honestly there are so many different versions of this shoe and brands that sell them out there that finding a pair that fits your taste will be simple!

I talked earlier about going out of your comfort zone and I can say I did just that when it comes to my motos. This was a purchase that was definitely out of my comfort zone. I was really nervous about the fit and the details drawing attention to the wrong places.  I took my time deciding on the perfect pair to buy and when I finally saw a pair being offered in the color I wanted I took the plunge…and I really love them. While I refuse to call them jeggings (seriously) they are a perfect mix of everything  there is to love about jeans and the comfort of leggings.  I love this pair so much that I am investing in a second pair any day now!


To be perfectly honest I’m a little kimono obsessed, so of course I want to hear about your favorites! And what are your thoughts on the not-jeggings? I need some help deciding on a new color! Leave a comment below!

Xx- Molly Margaret


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