Loft dress & fall boots

Fall in the south is a funny thing. It’s like the calendar is saying one thing and the temperature is saying something else. How is a girl supposed to decide what to wear when the date and the thermometer don’t agree?


The key to transitioning from summer to fall is knowing how to take your favorite summer pieces into the (semi) cooler temperatures.  This dress from Loft is hands down one of my favorite purchases from the summer! The pattern has the prettiest colors and I always love a subtle floral print. Added bonus: it has THE CUTEST covered buttons down the sleeve (look closely!) It’s appropriate for almost any occasion and is so comfy. If you’re a tall girl you definitely need this dress because the length and lines are perfect! Loft has so many great pieces that will transition just as well as this one, so I’ve linked them for you.

SURPRISE! All three dresses are 50% right now with code “FLASH”

If you’re thinking you need all three, I’m thinking you’re right.

imageService (1)           imageService       imageService (2)

So, how does this summer dress become a fall staple? It can be done in a few different ways, but shoes will always be my go-to.


I have been not so patiently waiting to get these over the knee (OTK) boots back on since the winter.

Fun story about these boots:

The first time I ever wore these was on my birthday last year- at the LSU vs Alabama game in Baton Rouge. After being in the car for a couple hours looking for somewhere to park, we decided to just pull over and walk the rest of the way. At this point, the stadium seemed to be about 18,000 miles away and I had one thought and one thought only: blisters.

I mean c’mon, I was not new to this! I should have known not to wear new shoes to the biggest game of the year. But beauty is pain, right?

Thankfully, in this situation, it didn’t have to be! Not only are these boots the prettiest color and softest suede- they are the MOST comfortable boots ever. They are from last season, but I was able to find them in stock in a few sizes and at a seriously discounted price! (They’re worth every penny) I’m so happy OTK boots aren’t going anywhere this season, and I’m loving some of the new styles this season. I, of course, linked some for you to shop right here! 

71voi6vk9IL._SX480_  kinney_taupe_1594   _100842525

Adding a pair of boots is such a simple way to bring a summer dress into the fall months.  As it gets cooler, it’s just as easy to layer up with a blue jean jacket and a scarf.


 Sadly, our short lived cool weather left us and the summer temps have returned. But I’m committed to fall now! So, until I can wear my boots, I’ll be compromising with my suede booties.


My mom likes to borrow (read steal) these shoes pretty regularly. Not that I can blame her because they are the perfect bootie. These are two years old and I’ve never been able to find anything quite like them. But there is one pair that I’m seriously crushing on! They sold out during this year’s Nordstrom Sale and just came back in stock!  If you’re looking for an open toe bootie, I would definitely check these out! (find them here)

So, what do you get when you combine your favorite summer purchase with your favorite OTK boots? The perfect transition outfit. Who cares what the thermometer says! It’s all about looking cute, right?

Xx- Molly Margaret

photos by Nikki Bardwell Photography

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